Simply Potatoes®

Simply Potatoes® are fresh-tasting, refrigerated potatoes that are made with 100% real potatoes, so they have true scratch taste, but require less time and labor to prepare. They arrive prepped and packaged, refrigerated, and ready to cook for your convenience. And, less prep and labor, combined with better yield, safety and consistency means they’re more profitable for you!

Made from Fresh Potatoes

Prepping potatoes is one of the most time-consuming processes in the kitchen. There is the cleaning, peeling, boiling, dicing, shredding, mashing and more, which all consumes valuable time and labor. With our Simply Potatoes you’ll be able to cut back on all the prep without ever having to sacrifice the quality of your menu or pick up a knife. Check out our complete portfolio of mashed potatoes, cut potatoes, hash browns and more below.


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