Easy Eggs

The Easy Eggs brand has evolved over the years to represent some of Michael Foods flagship egg products, but today, represents our retail-ready egg offerings alongside our Simply Potatoes® brand. With a variety of high-protein, grab-n-go hard cooked eggs and convenient deviled egg kits, we make snacking easier than it’s ever been before.

Why Easy Eggs?

Cooking and peeling hard boiled eggs is one of the most tedious tasks in the kitchen, but many consumer simply don’t want to give up their high-protein snack. The project becomes even more complicated when turning those same eggs into an indulgent, crowd-pleasing deviled egg appetizer. Skip the hassle and make it easy with:

  • Peeled and CPG Packaged Hard Boiled Eggs – UPC label so they’re ready to meet the demand on shelf
  • Simplified Deviled Egg Kits – with separated halves of egg whites and premixed filling, all you need to do is fill out the tray and serve it up
  • Specialty Egg Options – deliver on the growing demand for cage-free and organic with our specialty egg offerings


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