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Michael Foods taps the brightest food minds to deliver the best food capabilities—including advanced technologies, processes and facilities plus game-changing research and resources to benefit the diverse audiences we serve.

R&D Innovation

We have the R&D specialists and facilities needed to help generate the superior taste, texture and performance demanded by food professionals as well as the consumers who love our products.

  • Technical experts — 90% of our staff have a PhD, Masters and/or Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Dairy Science or Nutrition; and we’ve been granted 30 patents for our products and processes. Our skilled team will help you get your product formula exactly right, and provide testing and scale-up quantities for a successful launch.
  • Culinary professionals — our certified culinary scientists and professional chefs are constantly innovating to add fresh, distinctive dimensions to foods and menus.
  • Innovation centers — in our 10,000 sq. ft. pilot plant and test kitchen, we explore bold new food concepts for our customers. We have strategically located, state-of-the-art egg facilities producing products of the highest quality and safety.

Supply Chain

The Michael Foods supply chain, which includes strategically located facilities and cutting-edge processes, delivers a host of benefits:

  • Extensive distribution — our national distribution network ensures customer partners receive our high-quality products when and where they want them.
  • Cost management — we maximize efficiencies across our system to help minimize costs and offer real value to customers and consumers.  
  • Stellar service — we’ve been recognized by our customers as a Best-in-Class Supplier, and have a proud track record of responding quickly to consumer questions and issues.

Risk Management

As a food industry leader, we have the critical resources needed to optimize product supply and reduce risks for all stakeholders.

  • Secure and stable sourcing — we have varied and redundant processing facilities across North America, to bolster supply, ensure that every offering meets our stringent specifications and give customers and consumers confidence in product availability.
  • Buying power — by purchasing and processing in large volumes, we’re able to keep prices lower for our customer partners and for consumers.
  • Unsurpassed food safetywe follow industry-leading quality assurance practices, and all of our food-production facilities are GFSI and SQF-3 compliant. Our New Jersey location has world class safety results.


We offer insights on the latest trends and preferences by consumers and restaurant guests, to help create the most satisfying food experiences. Our marketing experts will help you leverage the latest research.

  • New flavor profiles — emerging flavor trends, driven by ethnic and regional influences.
  • Popular formats — the hottest trends in foodservice and packaged food styles, shapes and forms.
  • Changing nutrition — rapidly evolving preferences based on health and wellness.
  • Consumer values — around sustainability, animal welfare and more.

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

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