As the brand name behind liquid egg pasteurization and building the market for precooked egg products that made breakfast sandwiches convenient and readily available, Papetti’s® is recognized today as both an innovative food leader and a name you can trust! Our Papetti’s eggs will simplify your prep and reduce the time and money it takes to deliver high quality foods to your customers.

The Leading Brand in Value-Added Eggs

  • Refrigerated & Frozen Liquid Eggs – Stop cracking and start cooking. Choose from an extensive portfolio of Papetti’s refrigerated and frozen liquid whole eggs, egg whites, yolks and scrambled mixes—that all save time by reducing prep and skipping the mess.
  • Precooked Eggs - Ideal for time-pressed or inexperienced staff, our scratch-quality Papetti’s precooked omelets, egg patties, frittatas, scrambled eggs and French toast offer heat-and-serve convenience without sacrificing guest satisfaction.
  • Hard Cooked Eggs – hard boiling, cracking, peeling all take a significant amount of time and labor, but with our fully cooked and conveniently packaged Papetti’s hard cooked eggs you can skip the boiling water and tedious peeling and go straight to serving.
  • Pasteurized Shell Eggs – Reduce the risk of Salmonella by preventing cross-contamination with a Papetti’s pasteurized shell egg that still allows you to serve up runny yolks, poached eggs or soft scrambles without the food safety concerns.

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of value-added egg products, we’re confident we have a real egg solution for you with real advantages.

  • Convenience — reduce prep and increase speed of service with both speed-scratch and ready-to-eat (RTE) eggs.
  • Consistency — our stringent specifications ensure the highest quality taste, appearance and performance in every serving.
  • Food Safety — as a cornerstone of everything we do, when you’re serving Papetti’s brand, you can be sure you’re serving the safest eggs possible.
  • Customize it with Culinary – whether you’re looking to capitalize on the latest flavor trends or searching for a new and different format of egg, our team of culinary, marketing and R&D experts can deliver.

Looking for cage-free products? Our Abbotsford Farms® brand offers all the advantages of Papetti’s in certified cage-free and other specialty egg formats.


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