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Expand your menu to meet today’s evolving demand for specialty eggs with Abbotsford Farms® Cage-Free Egg Products. Our American Humane Certified (AHC) liquid eggs, hard cooked eggs, and precooked omelets, patties and scrambled eggs all allow you to menu cage-free eggs with confidence and convenience.

Cage-Free When You Need It Most

Demand for specialty eggs, including cage-free eggs, is growing exponentially, but the source of the demand is stemming from a lot of different areas such as consumer choice, state legislation and brand commitments. By partnering with Michael Foods and our Abbotsford Farms cage-free egg portfolio, we can help you align your cage-free needs to the right products at the right time for your specific needs. Check out some of our current cage-free offerings below.

Pasteurized Shell Eggs Advantages

  • Protect your patrons, brand and business by eliminating the food safety risks of conventional shell eggs. Papettti’s® and Abbotsford Farms® Pasteurized Shell Eggs are treated in a warm water bath to help destroy bacteria and effectively manage the risk of Salmonella—without cooking the egg.
  • Safely serve sunny side up, poached, or other popular egg preparations that call for undercooked or raw egg.
  • The nutritional attributes and culinary versatility of eggs make them the perfect solution for adding protein throughout the day!


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