Papetti’s® Refrigerated Liquid Egg Whites with Triethyl Citrate, 15/2 Lb Cartons


Real egg whites already separated and conveniently packaged. This saves time and labor by avoiding the hassle, mess and waste of separating out egg whites. To ensure safety for customers, it is pasteurized while maintaining nutritious quality. Triethyl Citrate (TEC) added as a whipping agent. Convenient 2 Lb. cartons saves cooler space and make it easy to quickly measure the amount you need.

98 Days

Shelf Life



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Cooking Instructions

Preheat Temp 325° - 350°F; Preheat griddle, spray generously with non-stick cooking spray or pour 1 oz of oil or butter oil onto the griddle. Pour 1-32 oz carton of the liquid egg product onto the griddle and stir frequently with spatula until eggs are set. About 1 minute 10 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds. Promptly remove cooked eggs from the griddle. Hold hot up to one hour maximum.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

300 servings per container

Serving Size

46.00 GM ( 3 tbsp )

Amount per serving

Calories 25

Calories from Fat

% Daily Value*

Total Fat    0g

Saturated Fat    0g

Trans Fat    0g

Cholesterol    0mg

Sodium    75mg


Total Carbohydrate    0g

Dietary Fiber    0g

Sugars    0g

Added Sugars   

Protein    5g






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