Papetti’s® Better’n Eggs Frozen Liquid Low Cholesterol, Low Fat Scrambled Egg Mix, 6/5 Lb Cook-in-Bags


Real egg whites with additional vitamins and minerals for a healthier alternative to traditional whole eggs. This saves time and labor by avoiding the hassle and mess of cracking shell eggs. Cook and hold fluffy scrambled eggs right in the bag - ideal for catering and buffets.

365 Days

Shelf Life



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Cooking Instructions

Time from Frozen 50-80 min; Time from Thawed 30-45 min; Select stock pot large enough for water to float bag(s) to be cooked. Fill Vessel 3/4 full with water. Heat to simmer. Immerse bag(s) in water, adjust heat to maintain low simmer (180-190° F) DO NOT BOIL. Stir water and bag(s) occasionally (every 5 minutes) to assure uniform thawing and cooking. Remove bag(s) from vessel when cooked to desired texture. Knead bag(s) vigorously to break up cooked mass. Store unopened bag(s) in pans covered without heat. Eggs will stay hot up to 1.5 hours. Caution - Additional cooking takes place when held. Water Temperature and number of bags - will vary cooking times. Cook times are for 1-3 bags. To serve, slit bag(s).

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

246 servings per container

Serving Size

55.00 GM ( 1/4 cup )

Amount per serving

Calories 40

Calories from Fat 15

% Daily Value*

Total Fat    1.5g


Saturated Fat    0g

Trans Fat    0g

Cholesterol    55mg


Sodium    115mg


Total Carbohydrate    0g

Dietary Fiber    0g

Sugars    0g

Added Sugars   

Protein    6g






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