Meat and Poultry Ingredients

Our Henningsen meat ingredients are perfect for today’s high-protein demands. Our offerings include dehydrated meat powders, broths, powdered fats, rendered fats and chunked or shredded meat with a variety of raw materials including chicken, beef, turkey, fish, and pork. For use in seasoning blends for pastas and rice, flavors, bullion, stocks, sauces, pet foods and more.

Why Henningsen Meat Ingredients?

  • Versatility and Flavor - Enhance your products! From adding a hint of meat flavor to intense, savory notes, our products can complete the flavor profile of products that don’t normally contain meat or “slow-roasted” flavors.
  • Nutrition - Bolster your declared protein to meet the growing demand for healthy, high-protein diets.
  • Consistent and Reliable - Minimize lost production time and deliver the highest quality flavor profile possible with consistent product performance over the entirety of an extended shelf life.
  • Cost Savings - Lower freight, storage, and handling costs.

Start with Premium Ingredients

  • Excellent shelf life stability
  • Easy to rehydrate
  • Stabilized with natural flavoring or antioxidants
  • Available with or without additives
  • Packaged in fifty-pound polyethylene-lined fiber cartons
  • Available in powder form or a variety of chunk sizes
  • No need to wait for product to thaw or cook

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