Drive Burger Sales with 3 Egg-citing Menu Upgrades

May is National Burger Month, and while the origin of the hamburger is a topic of debate, there is no denying that hamburgers (and cheeseburgers) are currently one of America’s favorite foods. The problem may be, when ‘burgers’ are already on over half of the menus in America, how do you differentiate your own signature burger to stand out from the crowd?1 Well, with these three simple burger tricks you can up your burger ‘game’ by increasing appetite appeal while improving your bottom line:

Eggitize Your Patty – Adding eggs to a burger can not only boost protein content, but also help retain moisture throughout the cook process. It’ll make your burgers more fool proof (nobody wants a dry, overcooked burger) and keep that juicy, tender bite that all burger lovers crave! (Some may argue you’re just creating a meatloaf patty, but trust us, they won’t argue with the results.) This trick works particularly well with alternative meats (i.e Turkey Burgers) that are lower in fat.

Give it a ‘Sunny Side’ – 59% of consumers say they would add a Fried Egg to a burger if it were offered. What’s even more impressive? Nearly 2/3 of them would be willing to pay at least $1 more for it.2 Think about it, it’s a quick menu upgrade to any burger with margin improvement. Remind me, why aren’t you already doing this?

#Burgers – Potatoes have always been right along-‘side’ any good burger. But, there is a better way. Crispy hash browns are sure to get “Phone Eats First” treatment by any influencer reviewing your latest Brunch or Hangover Burger if you add their golden brown appearance to the burger build itself! The salty crunch is simply too good to pass up…

Ok, so the last one didn’t actually callout an egg, but if you’re serving a Brunch or Hangover Burger without one, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Bonus Tip: Raw or undercooked eggs come with an asterisk just like raw or undercooked meats (i.e. raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness). If you’re not Rocky Balboa and want to avoid the risk of raw eggs, check out our Pasteurized Shell Eggs or Refrigerated Liquid Eggs. Get Cracking!  
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