Ingredient Solutions

In product development, mastering flavor, texture and functionality is only part of the challenge. You also need a reliable ingredient supply and the support to go to market with confidence. Trust Michael Foods and our lineup of premium egg ingredients to deliver on all your needs. 

Perfect Ingredients Every Step Of The Way

As the country’s leading supplier of further-processed eggs, we will deliver the capacity, resources and innovation you need to build your product portfolio, your brand and your bottom line, including:

  • R&D — our skilled team will help you get your product formula exactly right, and provide testing and scale-up quantities for a successful launch.
  • Marketing — need insights on what’s trending in food? Our marketing experts will help you leverage the latest research.
  • Operations — we have strategically located, state-of-the-art egg facilities producing products of the highest quality and safety.
  • Customer Service  — our stellar service team ensures on-time product deliveries and provides fast responses to your questions.

Eggs For Every Product Possibility

For uses ranging from bakery items to dressings, pastas to beverages and more, we have the industry’s most diverse Egg Products Portfolio. We offer formulas that help egg flow through machinery easier, dissolve quickly, control pH levels, adjust color in pasta, high-whip and emulsion applications. Find all the selections you need, including:

  • Dried — products that are exceptionally convenient, mixable and dependable.
  • Refrigerated Liquid — pasteurized eggs with consistent performance, in both short shelf life and extended shelf life options.
  • Frozen Liquid — quality selections that are ready on demand, in handy packaging varieties.  
  • Enzyme Modified — specialty yolk products that feature enhanced functionality in emulsion applications.
  • Precooked — patties, omelets, scrambled eggs and specialty entrees, fully cooked for consistency and safety.  
  • Hard Cooked — whole and diced eggs that are peeled and packaged for an extended shelf life. 

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Use the resources below to learn more about our product lineup and our commitment to maximizing your success. Visit our Capabilities page for more support details.

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We offer more than 100 egg ingredient products to match virtually any development need. Scan our full lineup in our Product Guide.

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Learn how the Michael Foods team, leveraging our premium ingredients, is with you from start to finish—every step of the way.

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