Traditional Shell Eggs vs. Michael Foods Liquid Eggs

Papetti’s® Liquid Eggs are real, from-the-shell eggs - we’ve just cracked them for you!

Traditional Shell Egg vs. Michael Foods Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Davidson’s® Pasteurized Shell Eggs virtually eliminate the risk of Salmonella, allowing you to confidently serve eggs prepared any style.

Traditional Eggs vs. Michael Foods Fully Cooked Refrigerated Scrambled Eggs

From the refrigerator to a plate in minutes! Papetti’s® Fully Cooked Refrigerated Scrambled Eggs are not only real and delicious, they save you time.

Fresher is Better

Compare for yourself and see why Simply Potatoes® are Simply smarter. Simply better.

Center Your Sides

It pays to make your potato side dishes stand out on the menu. When tested among consumers, 80% of research respondents* said they would be willing to pay more for distinctive Center Your Sides recipes — a strong indicator of tremendous profit potential!

Smarter than Scratch

Discover how Simply Potatoes® products deliver fresh taste and slash prep time compared to making potatoes from scratch.

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