Egg Solutions

With our unmatched portfolio of egg products, creative recipes and valuable support tools, we’re your total partner. Trust Michael Foods for the egg solutions that match your exact menuing needs, and help you run a safer, smarter kitchen.

Papetti’s® Value-Added Egg Products

Tap into our diverse product lineup to solve your most pressing operational challenges.

Liquid — Stop cracking and start cooking! Choose from more than three dozen refrigerated and frozen Papetti’s® liquid whole eggs, egg whites, yolks and scrambled mixes—to save time, prep and mess.

Precooked — Ideal for time-pressed or inexperienced staffs, our scratch-quality precooked omelets, patties, frittatas, scrambled eggs and French toast offer heat-and-serve ease; 40+ varieties and sizes!

Hard Cooked — Eliminating boiling, peeling and dicing, Papetti’s® whole, peeled eggs and diced products are critical time-savers, in storage-friendly packaging.

Abbotsford Farms® Egg Products

Expand your menu to meet today’s evolving consumer preferences with Abbotsford Farms® Cage-Free Products. You’ll stay on-trend, satisfy more guests and capture more sales opportunities!

  • Cage-Free Egg Products — our American Humane Certified liquid and hard cooked offerings allow you to menu cage-free egg dishes with confidence and convenience.

Davidson’s® Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Protect your patrons, brand and business by eliminating the food safety risks of conventional shell eggs. Davidson’s® Pasteurized Shell Eggs are treated in a warm water bath to help destroy bacteria and effectively manage the risk of Salmonella—without cooking the egg.

  • Safely serve sunny side up, poached or other popular egg preparations that call for undercooked or raw egg.
  • Simplify your kitchen by reducing storage, handling and employee training complexity.

Support Tools

We’ll bolster your business with resources that make an impact on your menu and your bottom line. View highlights below, or visit our Support page for full details.

Explore Beyond Breakfast

Discover endless ways to feature popular, protein-packed eggs across menu categories and dayparts.

Helpful Tools

Quickly convert from traditional shell eggs to Papetti's® Value-Added Liquid Eggs and see potential cost savings!

Free Continuing Education

Self-study CE programs approved by the ACF, CBDM and CDR. Five programs approved for California REHS and NEHA.

Insightful Videos

Our support for your business doesn’t end with a product sale. In fact, it’s just the beginning! Check out all the videos we provide to make your operation better and your life easier.

Recipe Inspiration

View All Egg Recipes for fresh ideas on how to maximize your menu's appeal! 

Country Quesadilla

Papetti’s® 6” Farmhouse Omelet

Breakfast Burrito Wrap

Papetti's® 6.25” Home-Style Omelet

Mexican Philly Omelet

Papetti's® 6.25” Home-Style Omelet

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