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Student Programs

Student Programs

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Students see how important their role is and how they can make an impact. Many of our interns and most of our Industrial Maintenance workers continue their career with us.  We have many employees with 25+ years.  This helps new hires connect with mentors and see their career progress at the speed they want to grow.

Industrial Maintenance Development Program

The goal of this program is to offer participants a full-time position after successful completion of Robotics & Automation or Industrial Maintenance program. Work part-time while earning a degree. You will be assigned a mentor that will help you apply what you learn in class at the facility. If accepted into our Industrial Maintenance Development Program, you would be eligible to receive up to $7,500 per year for reimbursement of tuition, fees, and books. See our brochure for detail on this program. On top of getting paid to go to school and working, you are offered a $1,300 value tool set.

Participating locations: Chaska, MN, Gaylord, MN, Wakefield, NE, Norwalk, IA, Lenox, IA

Intern with Us

Our Intern Program is designed to provide a meaningful, professional experience for college students.  Each Intern gains experience that is directly aligned to support their course of study.  We offer a broad range of programs including Operations, Food Safety Quality, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Marketing, Accounting, and IT.  Many of our interns have the opportunity to join our team as a Full-Time employee upon graduation. 

Summer Work Program

Designed for workers 16- 18 years of age to have their first experience in food production. Students are partnered with a buddy for training as it’s typically their first time working. Positions are entry level and do not exceed 8 hours a day. Start dates and end dates in the summer are based on a student's availability but typically from June to late August. As a Summer Worker you would receive pay at the starting rate as our full-time employees. It’s a great opportunity to work and earn great pay ~ join our team!

Participating locations: Chaska, MN, Gaylord, MN, Norwalk, IA, Lenox, IA, Klingerstown, PA, Lansing, IL, Mars Hill, ME

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