Henningsen® Meat Ingredients

Purchased in 2020 by Michael Foods, the Henningsen portfolio of Dried Meat Ingredients are nutritious, human grade products that start with fully cooked proteins before being dehydrated and incorporated into countless flavors and foods, such as soups, seasonings, and a growing number of pet foods. 

Why Meat Ingredients?

Because our products are fully cooked and dehydrated, they have an extended shelf life that reduces both storage costs and waste while enhancing a number of valuable food attributes, such as:

  • Flavor – slow cooked flavors are desirable for most consumers, but difficult to achieve in CPG processing. With Henningsen dried meats, you can easily deliver this flavor by leveraging our process and products
  • Texture – create a better bite without having to prep the meat yourself by added in the texture of high quality protein
  • Nutrition – enhance your nutritional panel to satisfy label claims or meet regulatory requirements without adding significant cost
  • Appearance – the color of meat can naturally enhance the overall look of your final product

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