Corporate Responsibility

At Michael Foods, our commitment to corporate responsibility is built on three pillars—Environmental Sustainability, Community and Animal Well-Being. See below to learn more about how we bring these vital initiatives to life and the progress we’ve made toward our goals.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by creating smarter processes that generate less waste, reduce water usage and increase our use of carbon-free and renewable power. Leveraging our four principles of sustainability—compliance, communication, resource conservation, and continuous improvement—we are now able to measure and monitor our progress like never before.

We are proud of these significant accomplishments:

  • Waste minimization — 98.8% of waste materials diverted from landfills due to Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose efforts.
  • Water — 12.6% below our baseline in water consumption per unit of production, due to cleaning and reusing water at our facilities. That’s halfway to our goal!
  • Creative re-use — Using eggshells and potato trimmings as supplements in animal feed, and repurposing manure from our farms to create sustainable fertilizers.


As a corporation and as individual volunteers, we’re proud to support the communities in which we do business—in powerful, life-changing ways including:

  • Corporate giving — we donate food products and offer financial support to essential community organizations, including United Way and Second Harvest Heartland. We also donate to the Ronald McDonald House, so that families with children suffering from serious illnesses can stay on-site to care for and comfort them at critical times.
  • Volunteerism — our employees freely donate their time and talents to important community endeavors. From helping Special Olympics athletes realize their dreams to supporting United Way and its many crucial causes and events, to mentoring struggling students and at-risk youth, our team members are making a real difference in countless lives, every day.
  • Employment leadership — we’re proud of our track record as a resourceful employer that creates exciting career opportunities for people in our communities, with wages and benefits that help them create better lives for themselves and their families.

Animal Well-Being

The Michael Foods team goes to great lengths to ensure that the hens producing our eggs are well cared for. Using protocols that are strictly adhered to by everyone in our care chain, we’re optimizing the health and well-being of our laying hens with improvements to:

  • Environment — Providing fresh air and proper lighting in a safe setting.
  • Nutrition — Designing diets to meet each hen’s age-related needs.
  • Disease Prevention — Taking critical steps to ensure hen health.

Get more details on our Animal Well-Being Page.

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