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Simply Potatoes® not only helps you craft a better menu, it helps you run a smarter business, too. Discover valuable support resources and powerful, practical insights to help boost your bottom line.

Switch to Simply—Your Match for Scratch

Still prepping potatoes from scratch? Take a fresh look at all the advantages of switching to Simply Potatoes.

  • True Scratch Taste  — our products are made from real potatoes that we select from our dedicated crop supply, so you can serve consistently great taste and avoid the color and flavor variations of raw potatoes.
  • Simpler Prep — our products arrive ready to cook, so there’s no peeling, cleaning, cutting or mashing, freeing up your staff for other tasks.
  • Lower Costs — talk about a labor saver! It takes 5X longer* to prep mashed potatoes from scratch, and 8X** for diced; plus, you’ll avoid the wasteful 20% yield loss that comes with scratch due to peels, bruises and hurried employees

*MFI Internal Time-Yield Audit: boiling, peeling, cutting and mashing 50 lbs. of raw potatoes
**MFI Internal Time-Yield Audit: boiling, peeling and cutting (dicing) 50 lbs. of raw potatoes

Fresher than Frozen and Flakes, Too

Simply Potatoes® products also outperform frozen and dehydrated products when it comes to flavor, prep ease and more.

  • Our products are always refrigerated – never frozen – so they just taste better; guests prefer refrigerated mashed over frozen by nearly 3 to 1!*
  • You’ll avoid the compromised potato texture, weeping and yield loss that come with frozen products.
  • Unlike some dehydrated flakes, Simply Potatoes are made with real ingredients for pure potato goodness and flavor.
  • Because of rehydration variability, flakes can have incredible inconsistencies in quality – and their leaky cartons can cause wasteful spills and added cleanup.

*Datassential Consumer Omnibus


Smarter than Scratch

Discover how Simply Potatoes® products deliver fresh taste and slash prep time compared to scratch.

Center Your Sides™ Overview

Discover all the value-added benefits of leveraging our Center Your Sides program in your operation.

Fresher than Frozen

Stuck with frozen and dehydrated potato products? Find out why it pays to switch to Simply Potatoes. 

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