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Liquid vs. Shell? Compare the Benefits.

Use our handy Liquid vs. Shell Eggs Comparison Guide to discover all the reasons to choose Papetti’s® Liquid Eggs over traditional shell eggs, including:

  • Taste — our liquid eggs are real eggs, simply cracked to save you time, mess and prep.
  • Convenience — liquid eggs are always ready to use and place popular varieties such as whole eggs and egg whites at your fingertips.
  • Savings — from reduced labor costs to higher yields, liquid eggs are a budget saver, too.
  • Safety — our liquid eggs are pasteurized for optimal food safety and our aseptic cartons help you eliminate the cross contamination concerns of shell eggs.


Refrigerated Liquid Eggs

Papetti’s® Liquid Eggs are real, from-the-shell eggs - we’ve just cracked them for you!

Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Davidson’s® Pasteurized Shell Eggs virtually eliminate the risk of Salmonella, allowing you to confidently serve eggs prepared any style.

Fully Cooked Refrigerated Scrambled Eggs

From the refrigerator to a plate in minutes!
Papetti’s® Fully Cooked Refrigerated
Scrambled Eggs are not only real and
delicious, they save you time.

Recipe Inspiration

View All Egg Recipes for fresh ideas on how to maximize your menu’s appeal!

Country Quesadilla

Papetti’s® 6” Farmhouse Omelet

Breakfast Burrito Wrap

Papetti's® 6.25” Home-Style Omelet

Mexican Philly Omelet

Papetti's® 6.25” Home-Style Omelet

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