White Cheddar Boxty Potatoes

Combine both hash browns and mashed potatoes with white cheddar cheese for a classic take on an Irish favorite.

  1. In large bowl, mix hash browns, mashed potatoes, cheese, water and butter.
  2. In separate bowl, mix flour, salt, pepper and baking soda.
  3. Mix dry ingredients into potato mixture. (Batter should be slightly thicker than pancake batter).
  4. Heat sauté pan to medium-high heat. Add oil to coat pan.
  5. With 2oz. portion scoop, spoon potato batter into pan. Flatten.
  6. Cook 3 minutes or until browned. Flip and cook second side about 3 minutes, until browned.
  7. Arrange two cakes on serving plate. Serve hot.

  • For another option, substitute any cheese of your choice.
  • Use any Simply Potatoes® mashed variety with this recipe.

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