Veggie & Egg Burger Wrap

A healthy option for vegetarians, this wrap features a garden vegetable egg white patty, mushroom and black bean burger and Roma tomato wrapped up in a whole-grain tortilla.

  1. Heat each patty and cut in half. Reserve.
  2. In the center of each tortilla, spread 2 Tbsp. of cheese spread.
  3. Place 2 half burger pieces lengthwise, in the center of the tortilla.
  4. Place 2 half egg patties over the burger halves.
  5. Top eggs with 3 slices of tomatoes and ½ cup of spring mix.
  6. Roll one side of the tortilla over the other, creating an open-ended wrap, and serve.

  • Swap the cheese spread for fresh feta or Greek yogurt, and toss in a few sliced kalamata olives.
  • Swap in chopped chicken breast for an extra punch of protein.
  • Capitalize on the growing demand for kale: swap it in for the spring mix.

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