Sunny-Side Up Citrus Vegetable Salad

A light salad with pea pods, asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, and pasteurized shell eggs.


1. Prepare dressing. Whisk all ingredients together and let stand. Prepare the vegetables and eggs.

2. Wash all produce. Clean & trim snow peas and asparagus. Blanch until crisp, then shock cold in an ice water bath. Drain vegetables and slice tomatoes.

3. Heat canola oil on a griddle or skillet, over low heat. Crack eggs into pan and cook sunny-side up. Remove eggs from heat and assemble salad.

4. Whisk dressing again to re-emulsify, then pour dressing over cold blanched pea pods and asparagus and toss to coat. Divide dressed vegetables equally onto plates. Scatter sliced tomatoes evenly among the plates.

5. Top each salad with 1 sunny-side up egg. Mix pink sea salt and fresh thyme leaves together. Sprinkle salt/thyme mixture evenly over each salad. Serve immediately & enjoy!



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