Sausage Solutions

Our sausage products are made with premium cuts of pork and expertly crafted seasoning recipes. Your customers will definitely taste and appreciate the difference.

Crowd Pleasing Products

Owens® Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage - Our fully cooked items use top quality trim blends to produce consistent, high performing, great tasting sausage.

Owens® Raw Whole Hogs Breakfast Sausage - Made with all five primal cuts; ham, tenderloin, belly, picnic and shoulder; our whole hog patties keep your customers coming back.

Bob Evans® Fully Cooked Specialty Sausage  -  Our specialty sausages are available in traditional and unique flavors that will satisfy your customers, every time.


Why Owens® and Bob Evans® Sausage?

Quality - Our attention to detail and process results in enhanced flavor, texture and consistency.

Consistency - Consistently great taste leads to high customer satisfaction and strong repeat business.

Food Safety - Have confidence that you’re serving the safest possible products of the highest quality and know your brand is protected

Support Tools

Use our helpful resources to find the right sausage for your menu, and strengthen your kitchen efficiencies and bottom line. Learn more about our full portfolio of sausage products. 

Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage

Choosing fully cooked sausage simplifies your kitchen and saves you time.  

Raw Whole Hog Breakfast Sausage

Your customers will definitely taste and appreciate the difference.

Fully Cooked Specialty Sausage

You get time-saving flexibility and your customers great options for a tasty, on-the-go meal.

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