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Explore Beyond Breakfast is an exclusive program that creates profit opportunities throughout your menu with smart, on-trend recipe ideas featuring eggs, potatoes and sausage.

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Quickly convert from traditional shell eggs to Papetti's® Value-Added Liquid Eggs and see potential cost savings!

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View All On-Trend Recipes for fresh ideas on how to maximize your menu's appeal!  Try our To-Go recipes below.

Bacon Cheddar Potato Stacks

Simply Potatoes® Refrigerated American Home Fries Sliced Potatoes made with peeled Russet potatoes

Breakfast Burrito Wrap

Papetti's® 4.5'' Round Scrambled Egg Patties

Hip to be Square Sliders

Papetti's® Cinnamon Swirl Mini French Toast and 3'' Square Scrambled Egg Patties

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