Pasta Solutions

At Dakota Growers Pasta Co., perfect pasta is in our roots. Sourced from the golden wheat fields of North Dakota, our pastas deliver extraordinary benefits to your menu, kitchen and bottom line.

Made better so they perform better

The high quality of Dakota Growers® pasta is controlled all the way through the production process, from field to fork. Our products are crafted from No. 1 hard amber durum wheat, which offers unmatched cooking quality.

  • Ultimate consistency — our pastas cook up with the same high quality and premium attributes with every serving.
  • Extended hold times — they resist overcooking on steam tables and stay al dente longer, reducing wasteful throwaways.
  • Maximum versatility — use them with confidence in hot and cold dishes, across your menu. 

A Diverse Lineup of Pasta Favorites

From treasured classics to whole-wheat and gluten-free pastas that meet today’s guest preferences, you’ll get it all with the Dakota Growers® brand.

  • Traditional — The most popular shapes and sizes, each offering premier color, texture, performance and flavor.
  • Specialty — Unique shapes, sizes and flavors that add flair to your menu and create the foundation for signature dishes.
  • Better for You — Distinctive healthier options that keep you in sync with the nutritional preferences of your guests.

Support Tools

Use our helpful resources to find the right pastas for your menu, and strengthen your kitchen efficiencies and bottom line. View highlights below, or visit our Support page for full details.

Product Guides

Explore our Pasta Shapes Guide to find the right products, plus a pasta bar planogram and other helpful collateral.   

Insightful Videos

Learn how the Dakota Growers® brand, backed by Michael Foods, delivers total value to your foodservice operation.

Recipe Inspiration

View All Pasta Recipes for inspired ideas on how to present pasta in creative new ways.

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