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Through our category-leading egg, potato and pasta brands, we offer on-trend products that bring excitement to every corner of your menu, in forms that will simply your back-of-house prep.

Papetti’s ®, Abbotsford Farms® & Davidson’s Safest Choice® Egg Products


Papetti’s® products made from real eggs, eliminating the mess and hassles of cracking.


Quick-prep Papetti’s® favorites including omelets, patties, scrambled eggs and French Toast.

Hard Cooked

Papetti’s®-branded whole, peeled eggs and diced options with premier taste, color and menuing versatility.

Pasteurized Shell

The safer shell eggs, allowing you to serve yolk-based and undercooked egg dishes with lower risk of cross-contamination.

Cage Free & Organic

Pasteurized liquid and hard cooked eggs from our Abbotsford Farms® brand, sourced from nature-conscious farms.

Refrigerated Potato Products


Traditional and skin-on varieties, made from fresh potatoes for down-home goodness.

Hash Browns

Traditional, special-cut and skin-on shreds with the color and taste of scratch.

Diced & Sliced

Available in a variety of popular styles and sizes, already cut and ready to cook!

Wedges & Whole

Wholesome, ready-to-cook red-skin wedges in multiple sizes, plus peeled whole russets.

Dakota Growers® Pasta Products


The most popular shapes and sizes, each offering premier performance and flavor.


Unique shapes, sizes and flavors that add distinctive flair to your menu.

Better for You

Healthier options that keep you in sync with guests' nutritional preferences.

Sausage, Sausage Gravy and More


Fully cooked & whole hog sausage patties, links and crumbles.

Sausage Gravy

Convenient rich and creamy gravy available in white or tan.

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