Welcome to the golden era of eggs. JUST Egg is a plant-based egg that makes decadent quiches, pillowy omelettes and scrambles so good you’ll accidentally eat healthy. JUST Egg requires less land, water, and carbon emissions than conventional eggs, with zero cholesterol and about the same amount of protein. There are no industrial chicken farms or artificial colors involved – just really good eggs, made from plants. In partnership with Michael Foods, JUST Eggs is manufactured in the United States and available to foodservice operators everywhere.

 How do we make eggs from plants?

How do we make eggs from plants?

We found our answer in a 4,400-year-old-legume called the mung bean. Cultures across the globe have cooked with mung beans for millennia. This very old bean, it turns out, makes very good eggs.

JUST Egg is available in two formats:

  • JUST Egg liquid: perfect for scrambles, omelets, quiches, and a wide variety of baking applications.
  • JUST Egg fluffy, pre-baked patty: ideal on breakfast sandwiches or chopped and added to egg salad.

Learn more about our products and recipes at: https://www.ju.st/learn


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