Animal Well-Being

We’re proud to provide a choice of wholesome egg products, including traditional, cage-free and organic selections. But whatever you choose, you can feel good knowing that the laying hens that make it all possible are nurtured by people who care. Discover how we’re optimizing hen health and well-being.


Our farm managers follow our strict policies in creating the right environmental conditions for our hens to thrive. They include providing: 

  • Fresh air to maintain proper oxygen levels
  • Indoor protection from predators and extreme weather
  • Proper lighting that allows for good vision and makes it easier for staff members to spot diseases or irregularities


Michael Foods’ on-staff veterinarians and poultry nutritionists design diets to meet the unique physical needs of our egg-laying hens, including:

  • Using quality feed that helps optimize hen health
  • Customization — tailoring to the age-specific needs of each flock
  • Clean water — to keep hens’ bodies hydrated
  • Zero use of hormones

Disease Prevention

Our full-time, internal animal care team takes a smart, balanced approach to monitoring hen health and warding off diseases, by:

  • Employing an effective immunization program, using federally approved vaccines
  • Maintaining a robust biosecurity program that is designed to prevent the introduction of poultry diseases such as Avian Influenza (AI)
  • Conducting daily inspections by trained personnel to monitor flock health

Learn more about our processes and variety of production options that we offer you by viewing our Animal Health and Well-Being Position Paper.

Advocating for a Sustainable Egg Supply

As a charter member of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply, we collaborate with farmers, researchers, animal welfare groups and food companies to devise smart strategies that ensure a sustainable supply for the future.